Stocks in Hong Kong pharmaceutical company soar after issuing stocks to China-based hemp producer to explore medical cannabis

Hong Kong-based pharmaceutical company Meilleure Wellness International Business Group issued 312 million shares that are new Hemp Investment Group, a Chinese hemp producer, for about HK$109 million (US$13.92 million) to be able to explore the healing uses of cannabis in Asia. Being a total outcome with this move, stocks in Meilleure rose up to 35% on February 22 thursday.

In accordance with Meilleure wellness, web profits through the share registration Will be used to enlarge the ongoing company’s money base along with to get ready for company development possibilities pertaining to the hemp wellness industry. The business also really wants to explore the creation of treatment and avoidance services and products for conditions like epilepsy and Alzheimer’s conditions, as well as analgesics and antidepressants, using cannabinoids as core component.

The brand new shares given to Hemp Investment Group represent 7.98% associated with the pharmaceutical company’s enlarged share capital. Meilleure Health said ahead of the market launched it could be allotting 312 million shares that are new at HK$0.35 per share to Hemp Investment, which can be jointly controlled by Tan Xin and Zhang Ke. Zhang holds 70% equity desire for the company that is chinese while Tan holds 30%.

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The HK$0.35 per share cost of the new stocks represents an 18.6% discount to Meilleure’s HK$0.43-per-share shutting price on Tuesday.

In accordance with Meilleure wellness, web proceeds through the share membership are going to be utilized to expand the company’s capital base also to prepare for company development possibilities linked to the hemp wellness industry. The organization additionally would like to explore the manufacturing of therapy and avoidance services and products for conditions like epilepsy and Alzheimer’s conditions, as well as analgesics and antidepressants, making use of cannabinoids as core component.

Meilleure wellness is managed by Zhou Xuzhou, who’s additionally the founder and Chief officer that is executive of Group Global.

Hemp Investment Group is China’s just company with a hemp cultivation permit and a hemp reduced and leaf processing permit. These licenses are conformity with all the Manufacturing that is good practice.

Meilleure wellness additionally stated in a declaration that its cope with Hemp Investment Group will enable the two businesses to construct better ties and certainly will facilitate cooperation among them in terms of picking out wellness and pharmaceutical items, including natual skin care and practical foods.

Asia could be the biggest hemp producer on the planet, accounting for around 50percent associated with the hemp production that is global. Asia can also be the hemp paper that is largest and hemp textile exporter. In certain provinces that are chinese like Heilongjiang and Yunnan, the manufacturing of hemp can be appropriate.

Hemp is many different cannabis plant, particularly the cannabis sativa types cbdoilrating net, this is certainly primarily grown because of its uses that are industrial. Unlike other cannabis plant varieties, but, hemp contains lower levels of tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. THC could be the chemical that is psychoactive in cannabis that produces high. Hemp leaves and plants enables you to make items with powerful anti-inflammatory and relief of pain properties.

It could be recalled that a week ago, Wuhu Meilleure, which will be a completely owned device of Meilleure Health, decided to get 20% of hemp item processor Hansu Biotechnology for CNY60 million (US$9.4 million). Hansu Biotechnology, which can be a subsidiary of Hemp Investment Group, is dependent in Yunnan province.

Based on information through the Yunnan provincial government, the province has issued hemp cultivation licenses on significantly more than 36,300 acres of land since the entire year 2010.

About Hemp Investment Group

Hemp Investment Group Co., Ltd., which can be also called HMI Group, focuses primarily on hemp whole industrial string investment, which includeplanting of hemp, extraction, development and research, manufacturing, and purchase of commercial hemp products all over the globe. It additionally covers bio-pharmaceuticals, textile fiber, composite materials, day-to-day necessities, and biomass.

Yunnan Hansu Biotechnology Co. Ltd. is a subsidiary of Hemp Investment Group. Hansu focuses on commercial hemp plant removal, where it pertains contemporary removal technology within the isolation of cannabidiol or CBD, the chemical that is non-psychoactive in hemp. CBD is known to have strong medical advantages.

About Meilleure Wellness

Meilleure wellness Overseas business Group Ltd. is a good investment holding company involved in the trading of chemical materials and medical care services and products, along with building materials.

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